So you wake up one morning, put on your suit and tie, kiss the family goodbye and come into work. You get yourself a piping coffee, settle into your cabin, and have just started reading the papers when the extension rings. Your boss would like to see you immediately and unsure what this is about, you pick up your notepad and go across the hall to meet him. You walk in and find him with some other fuddy duddies and the HR Head, very grim. And to cut a long story short, without much explanation – Tata, Bye Bye, Boom Shaka Laka Boom, you have been fired.

Jesus Christ! What are you gonna do!! A million thoughts race through your head – most importantly, how long will it take to find a new job. Well, using years of corporate experience to come up with a formula that I am guarding as closely as the Coca Cola and KFC guys do their recipes, here’s a quick calculator that should broadly set your expectations right. Please click the image or link below.


Do note that this calculator is designed in the Indian corporate context and covers executives who make upto Rs. 50 million in annual compensation. For those who were pulling in more than that or with truckloads of personal equity in major conglomerates, you shouldn’t worry anyway. Really. I think you’ll be just fine.