In a groundbreaking public-private partnership, the Uttarakhand government has joined hands with global game giant Nintendo to search for the mythical herb, Sanjeevani. The northern Himalayan state has recently allocated a huge budget to search for this fabled plant with life-granting powers. Nintendo meanwhile is rocking with Pokémon Go that has hooked millions of people, armed with mobile phones, into capturing fictitious monsters. It’s a marriage made in la-la land.
Announcing ‘Uttarakhand-Go. A World of Dreams’ at a glittering launch ceremony in Dehradun, Pyarelal Sapnelal, Minister for Alternative Thinking couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. “We thought we were alone in our endeavor and never imagined there is such worldwide obsession to search for make-believe stuff. Partnering with Nintendo was an absolute no brainer.” Players will now necessarily have to visit Uttarakhand and capture Pokémons. As they trudge around the Himalayas, they will have to collect samples of flora and fauna and deposit them at special collection points in exchange for complimentary sachets of Patanjali Chyawanprash. Mr. Mein Bhi Vela, Vice President, Nintendo was equally optimistic, We are very excited and confident that along with all the Pikachus, Raichus and Charizards that they nab, someone will definitely find that elusive booti.”
The Uttarakhand-Go initiative has sparked off a whole new movement of attempting to harness the collective energy of people who have little else to do. And as the world wanders around maniacally searching for imaginary digital creatures and mythical medicinal plants, it will hopefully also come across something a little more tangible and important. Common sense.