Dear all,

As you may know, I have been crisscrossing the country at 38,000 feet in pressurized cabins for several years now. What good can come out of that, you may ask? Actually, two awesome things have happened:

  1. I earned enough miles for a round-trip ticket to Gurdaspur, Punjab, which, the airlines assure me, I will be able to redeem once Gurdaspur gets an airport.

  2. While my co-passengers were focusing on mundane activities, such as reading newspapers and fighting for armrest space, I used my flight time to write a book. On what else but flight.

So here I am, presenting Aisle be Damned, my unique perspective on everything related to air travel. If I weren’t the author, this would be exactly the kind of stuff we would talk about at a party – “Dude, have you checked out Rishi’s book yet? It’s really out there, man!” However, since I have a vested interest here, I will have to be a tad discreet and resort to spamming you instead.


Now look, I totally value two things about our association – beyond all that sentimental we-will-remain-friends-for-life shitshat.

  1. Your money. My publishers have therefore priced this book at a paltry Rs. 250. To put this in perspective, if after all these decades, you have managed to accumulate an equity portfolio of a measly Rs. 1 lakh and the BSE Sensex moves up a piddly 50 points – that is from 20,500 to 20,550 – your capital gains will fund this book. And that’s before factoring in the crazy discounts that stores and online portals (God bless Private Equity funding) are offering.

  2. Your time. I appreciate that you could be investing your precious time a lot more wisely than in reading allegedly humorous non-fiction. Manicures and pedicures, for example, are good options. I have therefore ensured that this is a super-quick read and, in an effort to add paisa vasool pages, have included 60 awesome photographs that will appeal to all demographic segments.


So rest assured, your time and money will be well expended. If you are still skeptical, go waste some bandwidth and check out the site or read some excerpts at Alternatively, take a leap of faith and walk into your nearest bookstore or get it online



Thank you for your patience in reading this far. You can safely assume that I have missed some of the people who you know, so it would be great if you could share this with them. If everyone does that, eventually all of mankind will get this post and that is kind of cool. If you don’t, seven years of bad luck and a severe bout of acne will strike. It’s totally your call – at my end, I can just recommend a good skin doctor.

Finally, the fact that you’re seeing this on your screen means that at some point we probably shared a coffee, tequila shot, appraisal discussion, or posted bail together. If we haven’t connected so far this year, I would love to hear back from you. If we have… chill…. 2014 is not too far away and let’s not overdose.

Wishing you a happy festive season ahead and safe, fun travels always!

PS: For those of you in Mumbai, am planning a small official book launch, probably Nov 8/9th 2013. It’s not really a big deal – we will wrap the book in some colorful paper, tie a ribbon and then reverse the process. Clap Clap. But would appreciate if you could come by and hang around to make me and Jaico Publishing House (India) look important.